The Wedding of My Sister Rachel-Lea

Four years after Yaacov-Hirsh's wedding, my oldest sister Rachel-Lea got married. She met her husband, Shmaryahu Zirolnik, through a matchmaker. Motl, the father of Shlomo Elishkevich, was the matchmaker. Motl knew the shtetls of Rakov and Ivenitz. He told my sister about a fellow from Ivenitz who might be a good match for her. She agreed to meet with the man. Shmaryahu visited our home twice. You should understand that the road from Ivenitz to Vishnive was not paved. After two meetings she agreed. At that time we intended to enlarge the house, but to marry a daughter is more important. So we sold the lumber and prepared for the wedding. My brothers organized and negotiated the wedding details. I lived at Yaacov-Hirsh's house at the time Shmaryahu arrived to meet my sister. I went to see him and he looked exactly suitable for her. In the Fall of 1925 they got married. The wedding was at my Mother's home. His family arrived from Ivenitz for the wedding. As he had no parents, we arranged the wedding. The wedding was similar to my brother's. It had the same menu and the same cook. But there were no musicians. However everybody sang and danced and had a good time. The Seven Blessings were given during the wedding. Shmaryahu shared a house in Ivenitz with a Jewish neighbour. After the wedding they moved to Ivenitz. They had three beautiful and talented children.

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